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November 24, 2017

How Can We End Sexual Harassment At Work (Gretchen Carlson)

Gretchen Carlson
A screenshot of Gretchen Carlson  
When Gretchen Carlson spoke out about her experience of workplace sexual harassment, it inspired women everywhere to take their power back and tell the world what happened to them.

What It's Like To Be A Woman In Hollywood (Naomi McDougall Jones)

Naomi McDougall Jones
A screenshot of Naomi McDougall Jones
What we see in movies matters: it affects our hobbies, our career choices, our emotions and even our identities.

Firefox Quantum Versus Chrome: The Real Results

Firefox Quantum And Google Chrome
Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome  
Dave Bennett, an American vlogger and a technology enthusiast, gives Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome a test to see which one is better and faster.

15 Examples Of Japanese Etiquette That Will Drive You Crazy

We've put together some mind-blowing rules of courtesy from Japan. Breaking them would seriously offend your Japanese friends or colleagues.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review

Surface Book 2
Surface Book 2
(Photo credit: Amazon)
In this episode of Mobile Tech Review, Lisa Gade reviews the 15” Microsoft Surface Book 2, with a significantly faster graphics card and CPU than the previous version.

Sci-Fi Stories That Imagine A Future Africa (Nnedi Okorafor)

Nnedi Okorafor
A screenshot of Nnedi Okorafor  
"My science fiction has different ancestors — African ones," says writer Nnedi Okorafor.

This Is How Dave Configured The Xfce Panel — Plus Custom Chrome Panel Look

Xfce Logo
Xfce Logo  
Dave — the creator of Linux & Other Stuff, shows us how he configured the Xfce panel to his liking and he also shares with us his custom chrome panel look.

The Real Philosopher's Stone: Turning Lead Into Gold

Michael Aranda
A screenshot of Michael Aranda  
With scientists’ efforts and their creativity, we finally found “the real philosopher’s stone.” That's right, we can now turn lead into gold... a little bit.

openSUSE Tumbleweed A.K.A Hungry Hippo

openSUSE Logo
Add caption
Dave — the creator of Linux & Other Stuff, tells us what he thinks of openSUSE Tumbleweed.

November 23, 2017

How To Make Linux Hate You

Bryan Lunduke
A screenshot of Bryan Lunduke 
Do you like Linux? Does it like you? Probably. Let's change that.

LXLE 16.04.3 Install And Review

LXLE Logo 
The YouTube channel shows us how to install LXLE 16.04.3 and as an added bonus, we get a review on this very impressive distro of Linux.

eXtern OS Beta — Windows 10 Style Linux Distro

eXtern OS
eXtern OS
(Photo credit: eXtern OS)  
Chris Were — the creator of Quids Up, gives us a quick look at the beta version of eXtern OS.

Why We're Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Brit Garner
A screenshot of Brit Garner  
You may love or hate pumpkin spice, but it is undeniably an American cultural phenomenon. Luckily, science has some insight as to why this might be.

Surface Book 2 Loses Charge Even When Plugged In While Gaming

Surface Book 2
Surface Book 2
(Photo credit: Amazon)  
If you have a Surface Book 2 and like gaming, you may have noticed a strange thing: even if the laptop is plugged in, CPU-intensive tasks like gaming will drain the battery.

Razer Phone Review — Who Is It For?

Razor Phone
Razer Phone
(Photo credit: Amazon)  
Dave Lee — the man behind Dave 2 D, reviews the Razer Phone.

HTTPS Does Not Always Mean A Site Is Genuine

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)  
Daily Mail recently published an article on how to stay safe at Christmas where they stated “Look out for the padlock symbol and ‘https’ in the address bar on retailers’ websites”.

How To Stop Worrying (Powerful!) 10 Ways To Worry Less

Ralph Smart, a vegan, a psychologist and the creator of Infinite Waters, shares with us: How To Stop Worrying (Powerful!) 10 Ways To Worry Less.

Checking Out LXLE 16.04.3

LXLE Logo  
Dave — the creator of Linux & Other Stuff, reviews LXLE 16.04.3.

3 Things To Give Up To Change Your Beliefs Instantly (Beliefs Create Reality)

Aaron Doughty — an American vlogger who enjoys helping other people expand their consciousness, shares with us: 3 Things To Give Up To Change Your Beliefs Instantly (Beliefs Create Reality).

November 22, 2017

Could We Build Weather-Controlling Satellites?

Caitlin Hofmeister
A screenshot of Caitlin Hofmeister 
In some science fiction movies, satellites control the weather in disastrous, but effective ways.

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